University Hospitals and Aetna Launch an Accountable Care Organization Collaboration

Date: 08.01.2014 | HITC Editor


The third largest U.S. health insurer Aetna, and University Hospitals CLEVELAND, Ohio have set up an accountable care organization collaboration (ACO). The ACO launched July 1, 2014 it is University Hospitals ‘s sixth ACO in the state and Aetna’s fifth.

“We have a set of technologies that we bring to the table that allow us to partner with healthcare systems to do just that,” said Nitin Bhargava, president of Aetna’s Ohio operations. “The goal ultimately becomes how do we create healthier communities, one community at a time?”

Dr. Eric Bieber, president of UH’s Accountable Care Organization states that it is University Hospitals intention to get people thinking about care delivery in a new and different manner with the emphasis on using data to drive that understanding. 

“The landscape is really changing,” said Bieber. “We’re starting to see real traction, where real differences are being made in how people are getting care.”

The University Hospitals ACOs have been able to achieve certain goals based around a focus on a few key areas which also includes the target for the Aetna collaboration.  These goals include:

» Increase the percentage of Aetna members who receive recommended preventive care and cancer screenings.
» Improve the management of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart failure.
» Reduce avoidable hospital re-admissions and costly ER visits by improving primary care access hours and care coordination.

Learn more about the collaboration, education and how UH and Aetna plan on reducing costs and helping people navigate a complex healthcare system Continue Reading



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