Sustaining Innovation to Build a More Responsive, Cost Effective H&HS System

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Healthcare IT Connect is currently planning a number of sessions at the 2017 State HIT Connect Summit, March 28-29 specifically to explore the policy and fiscal levers that could be utilized by the Trump administration to ‘repeal and replace’ or ‘modify’ the Affordable Care Act as well as to assess the likely impact on the State H&HS transformation programs including the funding for HIT and the modernization of Medicaid and integrated H&HS systems.

Transition sessions will include discussions on strategic planning issues including:

• Exploring the impact of replacement options for the Affordable Care Act, associated timelines and what this means for states?

• If Medicaid block granting is introduced, how could states sustain H&HS innovation efforts?

• What will Medicaid IT modernization look like and how could CMS’ Modularization Initiative be impacted?

• Will the A-87 Cost Allocation Exception exist beyond it’s current expiration in 2018?

• What will be the future for the State Innovation Model (SIM) Program?

• What will be the role for Value Based Care, could the MACRA Law be impacted?

• What support will be provided for Veterans populations and behavioural health integration/connectivity?

• What will be Trump administration’s approach to solving interoperability challenges and what will is the vision for the Health IT Policy and Standards Committees?

• Will there be a renewed focus on Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring?

• Cybersecurity – what direction will renewed focus take?

APHSA Releases Transition Report to President-Elect & Congress
The American Public Services Association (APHSA) released a Transition Report to President-Elect and Congress entitled ‘Creating a Modern and Responsive Health and Human Services System’ highlighting new approaches to H&HS transformation that are ‘innovative, efficient, effective and responsive to the needs of a rapidly changing society’. Click here to read the full paper.

APHSA is a strategic partner of Healthcare IT Connect in support of the 2017 State HIT Connect Summit, March 28-29 in Baltimore.

2017 State HIT Connect Summit, March 28-29

The 2-day program brings together public and private sector thought leaders to share ideas and benchmark implementation strategies of State health IT systems as they move forward with diverse health and human services transformation programs.

2017 Tracks

Track 1: Medicaid Modernization, Modularity and MMIS Procurement
Track 2: State Innovation, Data Analytics and Population Health Management
Track 3: Enterprise Systems Planning, Health and Human Services Integration
Track 4: Compliance, Security & Combating Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Who attends?
attendees from 42 states and territories attended in 2016
State: CIOs, CMOs, State HIT Coordinators
State Medicaid, Health and Human Services: Director, Health Reform, CMOs, CSOs, E&E, MMIS, MES, Provider Relations, Analytics, PHM, Sustainability
State Desiganted Entities (Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), HIOs (Health Information Organizations), APCD (All Payers Claims Database): CEO, Executive Director, CIO, CSO, Data Analytics and Product Management
Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX): CEO, Executive Director, CIO, CSO and MIS
Commercial Payers, Managed Care Organizations, Health Systems: CMIOs, Director HIE, Informatics, Population Health Management, Care Coordination
Solution Providers/Integrators: CEO, VP Public Sector, VP Sales, Director HIE / HIX, Project Directors, Account Managers
Learn more

Registration is now open for the 2017 8th Annual State HIT Connect Summit, March 28-29 in Baltimore:
Government Registration is Complimentary: Register your State, Federal, State Designated Entity (HIEs, HIXs, RECs, HIOs) Here Questions regarding planning for your team’s registration & attendance should be emailed to
Payers & Providers: Register your team to attend at the E. Bird Rate Here ($595), before Dec 9th.
Vendors: Register your team to attend at the E. Bird Rate Here ($695), before Dec. 9th.

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