Transforming PDMPs into Integrated Clinical Platforms

Date: 01.21.2021 | HITC Editor

Learn how integrating PDMP information, analytics, resources and more into EHR and pharmacy management system workflow is a critical next step in the progression of optimizing PDMPs to make a meaningful difference in the opioid epidemic. The roundtable will highlight the progress made by many states via the deployment of a platform capable of:

* Identifying patients at risk of an overdose earlier
* Incorporating critical clinical solutions that empower prescribers and pharmacists to better engage patients
* Mitigating the illicit drug overdose trend with clinical tools
* Improving treatment referral capabilities and bridging the gap that exists getting patients to treatment efficiently and effectively
* Enabling communication with care teams
* Providing non-dispensation-related risk data such as non-fatal overdose, Naloxone administration, drug court data, etc.

Brad Bauer
Appriss Health
Senior Vice President
Bauer brings more than 30 years of professional experience working within commercial, government, healthcare, and strategic partner markets. His background also includes over 22 years of experience working within HCIT solutions to help enable access and mitigate risk. Prior to joining Appriss Health Bauer worked at McKesson’s RelayHealth. Brad has also worked closely with the DEA, FDA, and CDC leveraging prescription drug diversion solutions on a national scale. For the past 15 years, Brad has been focused on state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) and efforts to integrate PDMP information within clinical workflow.

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