Charles Safran, Chief Division of Clinical Informatics

Date: 05.15.2013 | Victoria

As healthcare comes online , both structured and unstructured data accumulate in physician offices, hospital data centers, regional health information exchanges, health registries and state and federal repositories.

Major medical centers are now combining genomic data with the wealth of clinical data already routinely available. Faster processors, mobile technology, devices, sensors, cloud computing and cheap storage have enabled a new data tsunami of data that will dwarf all the data collected by clinicians.

Charles Safran’s presentation will discuss will discuss new opportunities as well as challenges for public health provided by ‘Big Data’ around the 7 Vs of healthcare Big Data:

1. Volume - How much data is there?
2. Velocity – How fast is this data being created?
3. Variety – How many different types/sources of data are becoming available?
4. Value – What is the value of combining large quantities of data?
5. Visualization – Are there ways to see what the data tells us?
6. Vitality (life) – Will person generated data dominate?
7. Veritas (truth) – What can we believe about the data?

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