State Insurance Marketplaces: Prepare for Launch

Date: June 13, 2013||   0  Comments

Now that they’ve got it, what are they going to do with it? Thirteen states and counting including D.C. are creating a 100 percent State-Based Insurance Marketplace to insure the health coverage of their state population. Under the new health care reform first came funding, then came building and now comes the debut.

Millions of uninsured state residents, families and small businesses are clueless about the topic. States have quite the feat in front of them to educate their populations about the plans. Unfortunately, failure to educate and insure their residents will mean tax penalties. According to the Commonwealth Fund 2012, nearly half of all working-age U.S. adults went without health insurance for a time last year, in other words, about 84 million people scattered across the United States are going to need more information.

Obama is already delivering awareness in some states. He was just in California a few days ago discussing concerns. Clearly he won’t be able to campaign exchanges in each state. However it may be a good idea to prioritize young adult and Hispanic populations, and states with the highest uninsured rates in the country including: Texas, Florida, Nevada and Louisiana.

Little by little we’re seeing HIX campaigns popping up around the country to assemble awareness. Town Halls will soon be converted into HIX tutoring sessions, invites will be sent out for events and promotions and traveling exhibits will navigate the roads. It’s going to be a full on consumer experience. It’s going to be a very busy period for States to educate consumers and ensure they have a streamlined experience participating in the exchanges.

Setting afloat a State-based health care model takes all kinds of solutions to become discoverable and streamlined. States are planning to connect people to coverage and this fall technology will be a huge part of their overall success and solution. Numerous technology companies are building and preparing to launch informative solutions for the exchanges, such as:


• hCentive



The usability and simplicity of their solutions are key to improving the consumer experience and sealing the deal. In addition to the webinars, emails, direct messaging, online accessibility, social media, multimedia and mobile applications the functionalities that will truly make the difference are interactive filters, real-time communication and chat options.

Implementing a State-based HIX model requires gathering input from many different stakeholders groups (consumers, plans, employers, State HHS Agencies) participating in the exchange . States are planning to connect people to coverage and selecting the right mix of technologies and implementation partners to deliver on that streamlined consumer experience will be a huge part of their overall success.



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