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Date: 05.15.2013 | Zach Urbina">Zach Urbina

Next week kicks off the 3-day Accountable Care and Health IT Strategies Summit, gathering 27-29 November in Chicago (Registration information).

On day one, we’re welcoming four leaders for the healthcare IT industry to share best practices and professional experience implementing accountable care across different healthcare settings. The pre-conference workshops are designed to feature the latest technological, managerial, and strategic initiatives that health IT leaders are currently implementing.

Agenda, Day 01  Tuesday 27th November | Pre Conference Workshops
Workshop 01 | 12:30 pm – 01:30 pm  | Designing and Implementing an effective Data Warehousing strategy for Accountable Care
Sharon Seeder, Assistant Vice President, Health Information Technology, NorthShore University HealthSystem

NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) has an advanced electronic medical record (EMR) system fully integrated across NorthShore. NorthShore’s integrated network consists of four hospitals and more than 80 physician offices. NorthShore’s EMR is interfaced with its Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). In addition to learning about NorthShore’s EDW, you will also learn about the following efforts that aid NorthShore’s efforts pertaining to “accountable care.”
• NorthShore’s interface with NorthShore Physician Associates
• NorthShore’s connectivity with Nursing Homes
• NorthShore’s efforts to share data with organizations utilizing different EMRs
• NorthShore’s evaluation of Health Information Exchanges compared to Direct e-mail

Workshop 02 | 1:45 pm – 02:45 pm  | Measure Twice, Cut Once: The Role of Analytics in Accountable Care
Sandeep Wadhwa, CMO, 3M Health Information Systems

Analytics are an important tool for constructing a fair, effective accountable care organization (ACO). As hospitals recruit primary care physicians, outpatient providers, community health organizations and other partners, they need to “measure twice, cut once.” The right metrics and analysis can provide a deep understanding of the provider network, allowing an ACO to choose appropriate partners and engineer a sustainable care delivery system.
This session will describe how to:

• “Measure once” to understand patient mix, utilization, risk scores and costs
• “Measure a second time” to align the incentives of the hospital, physicians and payers
• Target the greatest clinical risks and opportunities
• Adopt best practices from an ACO participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program

Workshop 03 | Achieving Clinical/Financial Collaboration in an ACO Setting

Melinda Hancock, Chief Financial Officer, Bon Secours Richmond Health System
In this session participants will hear from a CFO’s perspective how to bring clinical and financial teams together to help drive out variations in cost and quality. This partnership enables the organization to assess it’s readiness to support new care delivery models in a sustainable way.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Build a cross functional team of clinical, financial and administrative staff
• Pair clinical and financial leaders to uncover variances, determine best practices and quantify cost savings
• From an IT perspective create a roadmap for clinical/financial data integration for improved decision making, more accountable and better coordinated care

Workshop 04 | ACO Health IT Maturity Models

Meg Aranow, Senior Research Director, The Advisory Board Company

The move to accountable care requires seemingly countless new IT-enabled capabilities. Fortunately, not everything needs to be done at once. This workshop will provide a maturity model for IT for ACOs based on the types of risk the organization is or plans to be assuming. It will also provide examples of visual representations of IT readiness across the maturity levels.

The Fall 2012 Accountable Care and Health IT Strategies Summit will be held in Chicago, Nov 27-29. Registration information.

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