[news] NantHealth and Blue Shield of California Form Proactive Healthcare Collaborative

Date: 10.03.2012 | Zach Urbina">Zach Urbina

Saint John’s Health Center will be the first “continuous learning center” for advanced fact-based decision support, improved outcomes and coordinated care Integrating the NantHealth Platform

NantHealth, LLC, a NantWorks company, and Blue Shield of California announced today an exclusive agreement to develop and implement an integrated advanced technology system for California that will allow doctors, hospitals and health plans to deliver evidence-based care that is more coordinated and personalized, delivering better health outcomes. NantHealth and Blue Shield will work with Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., to establish the first clinically-based “continuous learning center” (CLC) to launch this collaborative as part of a new accountable care organization (ACO) Blue Shield will form with Access Medical Group and Saint John’s.

The CLC will deliver innovation that will provide physicians with a comprehensive view of all information related to a patient’s care, to proactively identify opportunities for intervention before problems occur, to provide real-time wireless monitoring of patients with chronic conditions, to deliver the latest updates on medical best practices, and to continuously monitor clinical outcomes. State-of-the-art supercomputing systems, high-speed secure-fiber networks and fact-based genomic data systems, and the CLC will make it possible to bring personalized molecular-based medicine to the doctors and patients at Saint John’s.

“This is a transformative first step towards a new model, and that model being proactively sustaining health rather than reactively treating acute and chronic illnesses. By providing the right care to the right patient at the right time we will transform healthcare by enabling people to live healthy more vibrant lives, translating into better outcomes and lower costs in the United States,” said Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, founding Chairman and CEO of NantWorks and NantHealth.

About NantHealth NantHealth LLC is a subsidiary of NantWorks LLC, a company founded and led by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. Its core mission is to converge a wide range of digital technologies to transform scientific research and healthcare. It is building an integrated evidence-based, genomically-informed, personalized approach to the delivery of care and the development of next generation diagnostics and therapeutics. For more information, see www.nantworks.com.


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