[news] California Primary Care Association Launches Patient-Centered Health Home Initiative

Date: October 11, 2012||   0  Comments

The California Primary Care Association (CPCA) yesterday announced the official launch of its Patient-Centered Health Home (PCHH) initiative. This initiative is aimed at improving the quality of care provided at all health centers in the state and was developed in partnership with Arcadia Solutions, Azara Healthcare, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) which awards recognition to health centers that meet the qualifications outlined as part of the national program.

A health home is an approach to delivering primary care that uses a ‘whole person’ orientation to provide comprehensive health care by facilitating an active partnership between patients, their family, and their primary care provider team to provide high quality, timely care in a coordinated and consistent way.  This approach provides patients with what care they need, when they need it, and patients work as equal partners with their provider team in managing their care.

“We are excited to officially launch this initiative, in partnership with NCQA, which will raise the level of care provided to the communities we serve. The PCHH initiative builds on the team based approach to care that health centers have used as their model for many years and leverages their existing strengths to build a sustainable standard for health home activities and services,” said CPCA President and CEO Carmela Castellano-Garcia. “This launch comes after more than a year of development and a hugely successful pilot program which has already helped 150 providers in the state move closer to NCQA recognition. Our long-term goal is to have each of our nearly 900 member sites receive PCHH recognition through this program and develop successful health outcomes in their communities.”

Health care reform legislation passed in 2010 has incentivized health centers to implement a PCHH model of care through additional funding opportunities. CPCA’s initiative is built on the NCQA PCMH 2011 Standards, which CPCA believes very closely aligns with our members’ values.  The standards set by NCQA describe clear and specific criteria and gives primary care practices information on how to best organize patient care, work in provider teams and track patient health over time.

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