Monarch HealthCare Shares an Innovative Perspective with our 2012 ACO & Health IT Fall Summit

Date: 05.15.2013 | Zach Urbina">Zach Urbina

Monarch HealthCare is currently implementing its Accountable Care Organization for both commercially-insured patients and the Medicare program.

Joining our 2012 Accountable Care and Health IT Strategies Summit to present their innovative industry insights are Bill Farry, CIO, and Jennifer Jackman, Sr. VP Accountable Care.

As an independent physician association, Monarch addresses the unique challenges of enhancing health care experience and outcomes for patients, while lowering cost trend, through improved care coordination and advanced technology.

Monarch HealthCare is a member of the ACO Learning Network that is push accountable care organization pilot programs across the US.

The ACO Learning Network is a member-driven network that provides participating organizations the tools necessary to successfully implement accountable care. Led by Mark McClellan and Elliott Fisher, Brookings and Dartmouth have been working together since 2007 to foster the adoption of ACOs that will improve care quality and bend the cost curve.

With a growing number of private-sector ACO initiatives and Medicare ACO programs, and with 12 states passing accountable care legislation in 2011 alone, organizations are now looking to develop the tools and competencies necessary to put ACOs into practice.

In addition to having access to a core learning network focused on fundamental ACO issues, members in the 2011–2012 ACO Learning Network will be able to join ACO work groups that will leverage the expertise of experts and peer organizations to find solutions to specific ACO implementation challenges.

As part of the core Learning Network, members will have exclusive access to a wide range of content and opportunities, including the following:

  • Implementation tools and research products developed, reviewed, and produced by each of the work groups.
  • Webinar series that keeps members informed of key developments in national ACO implementation efforts.
  • Member-driven workshops to discuss and dissect practical ACO implementation solutions.

More informational is available on the ACO Learning Network website.

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