Managing clinical, financial integration is key to hospital success

Date: 05.15.2013 | Zach Urbina">Zach Urbina

financial integrationIn order to survive in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace while saddled with new healthcare reform mandates, hospitals around the country must optimize three fundamental components of care delivery: clinical/operational integration, financial integration, and shared infrastructure and governance.

Steven Berkowitz, president of SMB Health Consulting in Austin, Texas, conveyed this message to hospital executives last week at the 2013 Small or Rural Hospital Conference in Newry, Maine.

During his presentation, Berkowitz highlighted the three imperatives for effective clinical integration at hospitals: embracing data transparency, implementing evidence-based practices, and excelling at pay for performance.

With value-based purchasing on the horizon, healthcare consumers will increasingly become better informed and will make healthcare decisions on the basis of value, Berkowitz said. This makes both price and quality of care transparency extremely important for hospitals going forward.

“That which is measured tends to improve. That which is measured publicly, tends to improve faster,” he said. “Transparency is the best thing that’s happened to quality since antibiotics – by decreasing variance and improving results. As transparency matures, it will rewrite the book on determining who your competitor is.”

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