Implementing AVS (Asset Verification Systems) in a Modular Environment

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Mike Sasko , VP Government Solutions, Softheon, sat down with Healthcare IT Connect’s Rob Waters to discuss implementation of AVS across HHS agencies in a modular environment.

RW: As you engage with state teams across the country, many of whom are now implementing modular modernization strategies, what are you hearing from states regarding their planning efforts as it relates to the OPI (Office of Program Integrity) and their response to the CMS mandate?

MS: The CMS mandate known as SSA Section 1940 has indeed proven to be a game changer specifically for states required to deploy electronic Asset Verification Systems (AVS). Additionally, several states are passing their own add-on legislation to include for example SNAP as in West Virginia. Finally, states are discovering the economic benefits of executing many of these “front door” OPI initiative to include identity management, hard and soft asset verifications, SSN scanning and services to support child support and alimony claims as well as general audit and recovery.

RW: How is Softheon’s approach different in supporting AVS and what capabilities are you bringing to this market from other markets Softheon is engaged with?

MS: Our product is unique in that it is provided initially in portal delivery prior to a modular integrated solution for MMIS or state eligibility system. This approach allows states to be immediately CMS compliant while providing for integrations later into stable eligibility platforms – directly within current eligibility workflows. The portal approach allows for user interventions and testing well in advance of deployment as multi-agency stakeholders can configure product to best support shared state uses.

RW: - Of course AVS is a delivered through a partnership model, what does that look like for Softheon’s

MS: Depending on the specific data set requirements, Softheon’s partnership model allows for the use of several mostly credit bureau agency partners, all of which provide their unique data for our use. In most state deliveries we use two partners and will leverage any state contracts already in place – for example an identity management contract. As access to data continue to improve, we at Softheon are able to deploy new partners at significantly reduced prices. The days of a singular offering utilizing a singular data set are coming to a close. Technology advancements such as ours are allowing for truly modular AVS offerings at significantly reduced state costs.

RW: At this year’s conference there is a major focus on accountability and outcomes to HHS program objectives, what is Softheon doing to further demonstrate the accountability of your solution to the OPI and ultimately state legislatures?

MS: At HITC 2019, Softheon hope to share the message that OPI initiatives are multi-agency state initiatives. Medicaid as well as Human Services, Social Services, Recovery and IG all can play a role and all can share a platform. It’s about integrating into established workflows with each use agency to improve accuracy of their work and overall efficiency. States and state legislators continue to share that immediate access to verification data not only improves their workflows but allows for a better customer experience with state beneficiaries, who count of these safety net programs in their daily life.

RW: Any last feedback?

MS: Softheon is proud of our relationship with HITC and partner agencies. We appreciate the opportunity to present at this show and to share our story of “disrupting” within the OPI AVS segment – for the benefit of all stakeholders nationwide.

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