Implementing an Effective Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for Accountable Care Success

Date: 10.24.2013 | HITC Editor


Moving beyond the elementary reporting features required for MU State 1 to the required reporting and analytics functionality required to succeed in a ‘pay for performance’ market requires an organization to establish an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with the agility to quickly bring in data from it’s own EMR as well as interface with organizations utilizing different EMRs (often the case in a clinically integrated setting) and other data sources.

This session will follow the implementation of real life EDW implementation, attendees will discover and learn best practice relating to:

  • EMR vs Data Warehouse Reporting
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Architecture
  • Overcoming Data Exchange Challenges
  • Data Aggregation across the Enterprise
  • Integrating Big Data into your EDW

Jamie Mangrum, Deputy Director, Chief Information Officer at California Department of State Hospitals
Michelle Lawson, Director of Data Management, California Department of State Hospitals
Mike Doyle, VP, Health Catalyst
Andrew James, Principal Business Intelligence Analyst, Sr Data Scientist, NorthBay Healthcare

2013 Accountable Care & HIT Strategies  View HD Video and Download PPTs Here

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