How the DoD is Using Meaningful Engagement to Optimize Population Health Management

Date: 09.22.2015 | HITC Editor

In 2012, the Department of Defense charged LTC Daniel T. Johnston, MD, MPH, with creating an online wellness platform that would enable the agency to assess, manage and improve the health of active duty Soldiers and Army civilians. Johnston partnered with Sharecare to build ArmyFit: a platform maximizing digital engagement and fostering behavioral change through tailored content and interactive tools. During this presentation, attendees will learn how the Army is utilizing data-driven applications to monitor and improve population health and program effectiveness at the installation level, as well as optimize development of health policy and resource allocation. 

Session Presentation:
 Dan Johnston, U.S. Army Medical Director Lieutenant Colonel Doctor and Jeff Arnold, CEO, Sharecare | View HD video on demand and download PPT here 

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