Healthcare IT Predictions from Sean Mehra

Date: June 24, 2013||   0  Comments

How do you envision the future of health care? Health entrepreneur and HealthTap‘s head  of product, Sean Mehra shares 7 predictions for health care IT. He says, “I envision the future of healthcare and strategize how innovative technologies can transform how we give and receive care and, ultimately, make the world a happier and healthier place.”

1. We will see a democratization of medical knowledge. The doors to a library of medical knowledge will be opened and patients will have immediate access to doctors’ guidance.

2. A transparent meritocracy amongst doctors. Imagine your doctor having a scorecard that combines impact of their clinical research and academic publications, the number of patients referred to them, and the caliber of their medical training.

3. Finally — consolidated patient information! A usable and fully standardized data stream of patient information to help doctors prescribe solutions and even apps, if necessary.

4. Tech will catalyze drastic system-wide cost savings and efficiencies. The expected influx of patients will shock the demand for doctors to aid a larger patient population. Smart dashboards, alerts and more with a “command center” like feel will help doctors care for patients simultaneously.

5. Our medical knowledge will advance at record speeds. With predictive analytical feedback, health care professionals will know about geographic outbreaks before the patient arrives to the ER.

6. Doctors will be trained to bring “care” back into “health care”. Bad bed-side manner will be a thing of the past with technology by making visits more efficient. Instead of 7 seconds of getting to the nitty-gritty, doctors will already have their information and can enjoy more.. hand holding.

7. We will see unprecedented market caps. “Health tech companies can similarly disrupt the multi-trillion dollar health care market — except, in healthcare, the lifetime value of customers is exponentially larger than any other tech industry. This presents a monetization potential never before seen in the business model of tech companies.”


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