Financing the Implementation of Health IT to Improve Population Health

Date: 04.29.2020 | HITC Editor

State Innovation, Data Analytics and Population Health Management Track (2)

2017 8th Annual State Health IT Connect Summit, March 28-29 in Baltimore


Moderator: Carol Robinson, Principal of CedarBridge Group LLC
Susan Otter, Director of Health IT, Oregon Health Authority
Mark Shaffer, PhD, Director of Healthcare Innovation, Connecticut Office of the Healthcare Advocate
Chris Underwood, Health Information Office Director, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing
Sheldon Wolf, Director of North Dakota Health Information Technology

Project Description/associated implementation: To meet the increasing demand for a technology-enabled healthcare ecosystem, states must navigate complex stakeholder relationships and gain consensus for financing strategies as well as governance of health IT assets. In many states, Medicaid agencies are tapping federal funds available through the HITECH Act to help finance the implementation of population health and data analytics tools. Working closely with private sector stakeholders and other state agencies is critical to maximize the available funding for the IT investments necessary for health transformation. CedarBridge Group proposes a panel focused on how diverse states are financing and governing health IT systems for population health management and analytics. This panel would be comprised of representatives from State Innovation Model (SIM) testing states (Colorado, Connecticut, and Oregon) and North Dakota, a state moving forward without the additional driver of SIM funding.

Target Audience for Discussion Group: State program managers, agency leaders in Medicaid agencies and state and county public health officials, and other state officials, hospital and health plan representatives, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and all types of healthcare organizations participating in alternative payment models (APMs), researchers, consultants and vendors.

Why the topic/project is at the leading edge of health IT, health and human services transformation Information exchange between health and social services systems is currently the exception, not the rule in communities across the country. However, states are planning for the future with the assistance of a generous, but time-limited funding source that was recently expanded by CMS and announced on February 29, 2016 in a State Medicaid Directors letter. States are working quickly to establish strategies to provide the required matching funds to draw down federal funds in order to implement technology that will enable better care coordination and quality measurement across healthcare providers and over time, with social services, justice systems, and community support organizations.

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