The Role of Analytics in Accountable Care

Date: 05.15.2013 | Zach Urbina">Zach Urbina

As information technology takes on a clearer and more pronounced role in healthcare coordination, organizations like 3M’s Health Information Systems blaze the trail toward better data classification, grouping, and risk adjustment to suppose accurate measurement of clinical care and costs. This is the frontline of better efficiency and more effective care coordination.

On the 3M Health Information Systems blog, numerous 3M HIS professionals offer their ground floor perspective on the evolving landscape of healthcare IT.  3M HIS also has a regularly updated YouTube channel with some excellent videos on such topics as ICD-10 and quality outcomes.

Rich Averill, Senior VP of 3M HIS’ Clinical and Economic Research explains:

“For the first time we’ll have the data at the level of detail to really look at the individual performance of providers, to identify best practice, to be able to move forward with the challenge of finding a better way to have more efficient better outcome-oriented system than we have today.”

Sandeep Wadhwa, MD the Chief Medical Officer at 3M Health Information Systems will be joining our 2012 Fall Accountable Care and Health IT Strategies Summit (registration information) in November to present his view of the latest trends in analytics in accountable care. An abstract of his upcoming talk follows below:

Sandeep Wadhwa, MD 

Measure Twice, Cut Once: The Role of Analytics in Accountable Care

Analytics are an important tool for constructing a fair, effective accountable care organization (ACO). As hospitals recruit primary care physicians, outpatient providers, community health organizations and other partners, they need to “measure twice, cut once.” The right metrics and analysis can provide a deep understanding of the provider network, allowing an ACO to choose appropriate partners and engineer a sustainable care delivery system. This session will describe how to:

·  “Measure once” to understand patient mix, utilization, risk scores and costs

·   “Measure a second time” to align the incentives of the hospital, physicians and payers

·   Target the greatest clinical risks and opportunities

·  Adopt best practices from an ACO participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program

Best known for market-leading coding and ICD-10 expertise, 3M Health Informatio Systems offers classification and grouping solutions to measure inpatient, outpatient, and population care. Widely use for payment and public reporting, 3M methodologies support patient safety initiatives, performance improvement, and alternative payment models such as bundled payment and accountable care.

The 2012 Fall Accountable Care and Health IT Strategies Summit will take place in Chicago over November 27-29. Register here.

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