Eric Hartz CMIO, Eastern Maine Medical Centre, Bangor, Maine

Date: 05.15.2013 | Healthcare IT Connect


Eric Hartz, MD is chief medical information officer (CMIO) at Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) in Bangor, Maine. He also maintains and oncology practice at CancerCare of Maine. As CMIO, Dr Hartz is involved in patient safety initiatives including development of decision support tools and standardized order sets. Since he has been at EMMC, he has spearheaded the successful implementation of many solutions including Virtual ICU, PowerInsight for data mining, Millennium Lighthouse for care pathway process change and computerized provider order entry (CPOE) where only 1 t 2 percent of orders are now written on paper.
Dr Hartz presented on development of patient safety rules and alerts at the American Mediacl Informatics Association annual meeting and has travelled around the country assisting healthcare organizations in developing standardized order sets. He was also instrunmental in EMMC’s becoming a hospitals & Health Networks’ Most Wired Hospital and a recipient of teh 2008 Nicholas E Davies Organizational Award of Excellence for using information technology to improve the safety and quality of patient care.

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