Connected Care – How Trends in mHealth, Wearables and Connected Medical Home are Shaping Healthcare?

Date: 04.30.2020 | HITC Editor


With a growth rate of 34 percent a year and an estimated 187 wearable, health-related devices in circulation by 2020, mHealth and wearable health technology are being explored as a significant value add to the doctor-patient relationship. But the technology remains in fledgling stage—fitness and health tracking features are still often clumsy, and lack consistency. Meanwhile, connected medical homes are catching on as effective ways to ease communications between providers and patients, monitor patient medical data (and manage that data in the clinic), and reduce the need for costly office visits. Does this mean that mHealth and Connected Medical Homes could form a perfect union? Or will interest in wearables fade away? Keep up on the latest trends in this valuable session.

Steve Milligan, Medical Director of ACO’s at Colorado Health Neighborhoods
James Mault, MD, FACS, Chief Medical Officer and VP, Qualcomm Life
Brandon Tudor, AVP, Access & Administrative Services, MedStar National Rehabilitation Network
Russ Johannesson COO, Sharecare

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