Connecture and the Technology behind HIX Consumer Experience

Date: June 13, 2013||   0  Comments

The changes enacted as a result of the Affordable Care Act will result in thousands of consumers shopping for health insurance for the very first time. The success of this will depend on whether software developers are able to create an online shopping experience that both educates consumers and provides them with the knowledge to make the choices most suitable for themselves and their families.

Even the most knowledgeable consumer may have difficulty understanding how health benefits work. Providing the tools to help consumers better understand these products and appropriately marry them to their individual and family needs will be critical. With that in mind, companies creating the technology behind the exchanges need to create a health insurance sales environment with a personal and conversational tone. With these functionalities users can be guided to the right plan for their family:

• Filtering functions

• Interactive Decision support tools

• Highly personalized recommendations

• Online accessibility

Even the most intuitive solution and user-friendly design require an additional level of customer support tools to be available during the health insurance shopping experience. Consider a feature like Click-to-Chat. It provides a live chat program that allows customers to seamlessly communicate and interact with health insurance solution experts. Click-to-chat helps to resolve questions and issues involving navigation, system support and other health insurance concerns. Click-to-Call provides customers the option to request an immediate connection with a customer service provider in real-time by phone call, Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) or chat. Searchable FAQs are the most common form of question-and-answer support. Commonly asked questions can be searched with quick and easy answers to go along with them. Physician Look-Up provides the framework required to integrate with existing doctor look-up tools to allow consumers to compare their personal physician against the available plan networks. Out-of-Pocket Cost Estimators estimate total out-of-pocket health insurance costs that will ultimately help consumers decide the health plans that best fit the needs of their families.

The technology behind the health insurance exchanges will continue to be developed and refined well beyond October 1, 2013. The implementation behind the infrastructure of such an intricate marketplace, that impacts so many people, is incredibly complex and will require significant effort on an ongoing basis. Accommodating a fluid and intuitive work flow for a consumer shopping experience may be challenging, but a collaborative and proactive approach should help ease the consumer through this rapidly changing and evolving health insurance landscape.

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