Clinical Integration – Building Strong Foundations in an Uncertain Health Care Environment

Date: 10.28.2014 | HITC Editor

In today’s uncertain healthcare environment it is critical for hospitals, clinics, payers, and other care providers to move past the siloed and fractured care models commonly in place today. The successful care models of tomorrow will have the ability to move with and pro-actively engage patients no matter what the patients are receiving care. Quality and efficiency will be front and center and the successful use of data will be king.
In this presentation Chad will mix his own experience in building an integrated care system along with his vision for the future. Chad will also cover other relevant topics including:

1. How do you get Hospitals and independent physicians engaged and aligned?

2. What role does technology play in an integrated network or ACO?

3. What are the land mines in developing an integrated network?

4. Getting the patient involved in their care experience.

5. What does the future hold? 


Session Presentation: Chad Johnson, CEO, Children’s Health Network | View HD video on demand and download PPT here

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