Helen Burstin, SVP Performance Measures, National Quality Forum

Date: 05.15.2013 | Victoria

In this session Dr Burstin will focus on the quality measurement enterprise and provide a high level perspective on the evolution of quality measurement. Focusing on the intersection of EHRs and Health Information Exchanges with performance measurement and improvement, Dr Burstin will also discuss the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors in terms of alignment and around measures and implementation practices.

- Value Agenda Strategy
- HHS’ National Value Strategy
- Quality Measurement in Evolution
- Interoperability – Methodologic Issues
- The Measurement Imperative

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*The 2013 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit will take place May 21 – 22 In Baltimore, Maryland. Please email victorias@healthcareitconnect.com to request a speaking proposal form and robw@healthcareitconnect.com for details regarding sponsorship opportunities.

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