Building a Clinical and Data Analytic Infrastructure Across the Care Continuum

Date: 11.29.2016 | HITC Editor


The continuum of care concept has required the integration of raw data at every stage of a patient’s healthcare, from office visits to hospitalizations, from medications to palliative end-of-life care. Getting meaningful analytics means integrating databases from clinics, laboratories, and payor records as well as hospital quality data, disease registries and public access rates. But without the right tools and structures, this process can be very labor intensive. Find out how states have developed IT infrastructures that can provide a window of care at every step.

Panel Leader/Moderator: Allen Kamer, Chief Commercial Officer Optum Analytics
Prateek Bhatia, Director, LifeBridge Health ACO & Health Plan
Paul Buehrens, Medical Director EvergreenHealth Partners
Anil Keswani, Corporate Vice President of Ambulatory Care and Population Health Management, Scripps Health

View the HD Video Session Here


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