Commercial ACO launched by Cigna and Presence Health

Date: 08.04.2014 | HITC Editor


Cigna Corp. and Presence Health: Collaborations between insurers and health systems aimed at coordinating patient care and lowering costs continue to gain momentum with Connecticut-based Cigna Corp. and Presence Health starting a commercial accountable care organization. The program started on July 1st and it’s key aim as with all ACOs, is getting all the providers involved in a patient’s medical care on the same page, thus reducing unnecessary services and achieving better health outcomes.

“Our goal is to empower those we serve to achieve their best health, and this initiative with Cigna is another opportunity to further that goal,” said Dr. David DiLoreto, Presence’s chief clinical, quality and innovation officer, in a statement.

Funding provided by Aetna will assist University Hospitals expansion of staff, enabling the Health System to assign care coordinators with the intention of supporting primary care offices staying a breast of patient care, follow up, appointments and hospital discharges. 

“We want people thinking about care delivery in a different manner and we think it’s really important to use data to drive that,” said Dr. Eric Bieber, president of UH’s Accountable Care Organization.

Learn more about the new landscape, achieved goals and how this is now impacting care


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