State_HIT_banner_Roundtable 2014 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit

in Partnership with NASCIO

(National Association of State CIOs)

April 1-2, The Grand Historic Venue, Baltimore, MD  | 225 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 

The 2014 meeting is the 5th Annual State Healthcare IT Connect Summit produced in partnership with NASCIO bringing together public and private sector thought leaders to share ideas and benchmark implementation strategies of State health IT systems as they move forward with diverse health reform agendas.
As States move forward with the next phase of ACA (Affordable Care Act) Implementation, State CIOs and their HIT teams are coordinating major initiatives such as implementing
and evolving Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) systems and updating or replacing
Medicaid eligibility systems due to the massive increase in enrollment. In many States
these efforts are being implemented alongside major upgrades to Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS), by leveraging the MITA framework States are increasingly taking the enterprise view of sharing data across multiple HHS agencies.

At the provider level significant progress is being made in the adoption of EHRs and HIEs and the availability of data for advanced analytics to support the proliferation of new care delivery models (ACOs and Medical Homes), which promise to transform primary care delivery networks. Clinical data from advanced HIEs is also beginning to be integrated
with claims data from payers and All Payer Claims Database (APCD) to support actionable analytics to coordinate care and deliver outcomes as well as provide States with improved understanding of costs, quality and outcomes.

2014 will prove a critical year for States who are implementing State HIX and
participating in Medicaid expansion as well as for those who have opted for the Federally Facilitated Exchange (FFE) and opted not to expand their Medicaid programs, as States
look to prioritize their technology investments to leverage Federal funding for Medicaid modernization and the increasing availability of data from providers, particularly those serving safety net, Medicare and Dual Eligible populations with complex conditions. State agencies are also beginning to explore additional HIT infrastructures such as Telehealth, mHealth and big data to support care coordination and patient engagement as well as reducing costs in the era of patient centered care.

During this period of reform implementation States and the supporting Health IT infrastructure will play a critical role in the success of State transformation efforts, the summit convenes experts in health IT, policy and strategy to enable insights into these rapidly evolving technologies.

Attendees are encouraged to participate in an active dialogue with presenters and to introduce your own organization's experiences during the conference sessions, industry roundtables and networking events.

Attendees will have the Opportunity to:

  • Learn from Nationally Recognized HIT Strategists who are implementing State HIT Systems to support Diverse Health reform Agendas
  • Collaborate and Problem Solve with Peers at the 'States of HIT Implementation' Roundtables
  • Network and Establish Valuable Relationships in the State Health IT Community at
    the Connect Social Functions
  • Discover Leading Edge HIT Innovations at the 'Meet the Innovators Roundtables' and Connect Exhibition Hall
  • Experience Baltimore's historic Inner Harbor and explore famous neighborhoods such
    as for world class dining, shopping and sports stadiums

Focus Topics

The 2-day program incorporates opening keynotes, keynote panels, collaborative
networking roundtables (Meet the Innovators and State of Implementation) as well as keynotes and breakouts assigned to 3 distinct executive forums as below:

(i) State Health Data Governance and Analytics Forum 
(ii) Health IT / Health Information Exchange (HIE) & Population Health
Management Forum 
(iii) Medicaid Modernization, Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) and Enterprise Systems Forum
State CIO Leadership Panel / Implementing the Next Phase of ACA
State Health Data Governance Analytics Forum: 
A Vision for the Future of Health and Human Services
Data Integration and Data Cleansing for State Population Health Dashboarding
Data Analytics: Driving Improvements in Performance and Outcomes Using the Data
Next Generation Enrollment Systems: Optimizing Data Integration with Qualified Health Plans and Legacy Data Systems
HIX Analytics: What Data is Being Utilized and How will it be Used?

Health IT / Health Information Exchange (HIE) & Population Health Management Forum: 
Health Reform, Analytics in a Post HITECH World
Medicaid / Provider Collaboration for Managing Patients with Complex Conditions
Exploring the role of Patient Generated Data and Population Health Management
Merging Clinical & Claims Data to Support Population Health Management
Driving Medicaid Transformation with Actionable Data

Medicaid Modernization, Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) and Enterprise Systems Forum:
Care Management and Value-Based Architecture for States
Next Generation Enrollment & ID Analytics
Automating Consumer Workflows for Medicaid / Managed Care Enrollees
Using Data to Engage Consumers in Medicaid Programs
Using Data Analytics to improve Quality of Care

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2014 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit Agenda

Day 01 

  • 08:45 a.m. « » 09:00 a.m.

    Opening Remarks

  • 09:00 a.m. « » 09:30 a.m.

    Keynote 1: HIT and HIE enabled delivery and payment reform; an ongoing partnership between state and federal government

    Kelly Cronin, Health Reform Coordinator, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)

    View HD VideoMany new and ongoing state and federal programs are enabling new models of coordinated care and value based payment. There is a critical need to leverage state and federal partnerships to further develop the HIT and HIE infrastructure that will enable health care system transformation. Kelly Cronin will discuss how federal and state government can together accelerate a path towards interoperability in support of payment and delivery reform.

  • 09:30 a.m. « » 10:15 a.m.

    Keynote 2: What Medicaid Program, Administrative, Financial and Clinical Data Tell Us About the New Healthcare Paradigm

    Jessica Kahn, Division of State Systems, Data and Systems Group Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS

    View HD VideoThe federal government, states, and stakeholders are all hungry for data on the 70 million Americans covered by the Medicaid and CHIP programs, stoked by the changes enabled by the Affordable Care Act. What is the impact of service delivery reforms? Are the newly covered accessing care successfully? What are their utilization patterns? Are they healthier? What are we paying for those services and outcomes? Jessica will talk about CMS priorities and shared opportunities around data, analytics and measuring value.

  • 10:15 a.m. « » 10:45 a.m.

    Networking Break in Exhibit Hall

  • 10:45 a.m. « » 11:45 a.m.

    Keynote Panel: State CIO Leadership Panel /Implementing the Next Phase of ACA

    Chad Grant, Senior Program Analyst, NASCIO
    Ron Baldwin, CIO, State of Montana
    Rex Plouck, Portfolio Manager, Governor's Office of Health Transformation, Ohio
    Manu Tandon, CIO and HIT Coordinator, EOHHS, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    Tracy Wareing, Executive Director, APHSA

    View HD VideoState CIOs and their HIT leadership teams have an unprecedented opportunity during the implementation of the next phase of the ACA to deliver services to common populations across agency and division lines and to collaborate with providers to improve health outcomes and reduce cost.

    Join our panel to discuss the opportunities and challenges of connecting the State enterprise of healthcare and to build the analytical capabilities to support the improved coordination of health and human services, patient centered care delivery models and to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse.

  • 11:45 a.m. « » 12:15 p.m.

    Buffet served for Meet the Innovators Lunch

  • Meet the Innovators Keynote & Working Lunch Roundtables

    12:15 p.m. « » 01:00 p.m.

    Keynote: Beyond HIX and ACA: Building Tomorrow’s Health and Human Services

    Eric Paternoster, Chief Executive Officer, Infosys Public Services
    Dan Schuyler, Former Director of Technology for the Utah Health Insurance Exchange, Senior Director of Exchange Technology,Leavitt Partners

    View HD VideoWe are in a unique environment with the transformation of healthcare, new system demands, and growing citizen expectations. Affordable Care Act (ACA) has catalyzed action to connect citizens with care, particularly through Health Insurance Marketplaces (HIX), and states need to provide effective health and social programs to improve outcomes, and ensure sustainability. What if you had a technology platform that meets core HIX requirements yet configures to state needs, evolves with regulation, and deploys in 180 days with existing systems? What if the platform goes beyond the ACA HIX requirements to connect other health and social programs to offer citizens a unified experience? And, what if all this can be done without the risk of the standard HIX experiences in building complex platforms?

    Infosys Public Services and Leavitt Partners discuss a new model that delivers both HIX capabilities AND the future of Health & Human Services (HHS) for States. Learn how States can build tomorrow’s HHS that delivers mission outcomes.

  • 01:00 p.m. « » 01:50 p.m.

    Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtables

    View Roundtable Abstracts and Presenters »

    Leading HIT Innovators and Solution Providers will lead working lunch roundtable discussion groups focussed on innovative problem solving at the leading edge of State HIT Transformation. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to join discussion groups best aligned to their strategic planning priorities.

  • 01:50 p.m. « » 02:00 p.m.

    Short Break

  • 02.00 p.m. « » 02.45 p.m.

    Keynote:Transforming Data Sharing and Data Services

    Pradeep Goel, CEO, EngagePoint
    Greg Franklin, CEO Franklin HIT, Former Deputy Secretary HIT, California Technology Agency
    Kimberly Williams, Chief Strategist, Informatica Public Sector

    View HD VideoIn the past, replication instead of reuse was the cornerstone of IT, as every agency attempts to own, control, and largely retain their data. It’s time for public IT managers to stop thinking about modernizing data by replicating systems. What’s needed is to modernize the way we share. This session explores new frameworks for how data services are delivered to create the modern environment data managers want and policy makers expect.

  • 02.45 p.m. « » 02.55 p.m.

    Short Break

  • 02:55 p.m. « » 03:40 p.m.

    Breakout Sessions

    Track 1

    Exploring Data Analytics Strategies and Associated State Funding Strategies

    Ann Kieffaber, Managing Director, Health Analytics Accenture Panelists:
    Sean Vinck, CIO, State of Illinois
    Kathleen Monahan, Executive Director, Illinois Framework Project
    Sonny Bhagowalia, Chief Advisor for Technology and Cyber-Security, State of Hawaii

    View HD VideoStates are in the midst of unprecedented health transformation driven by ACA.  The ability to acquire, analyze and derive intelligence from data will enable the controls needed to manage this hyper-transformation.  In addition, the scope of data needed to understand what influences health outcomes must broaden to include social, environmental and behavioral determinants.  We will discuss challenges and potential solutions that will impact how states can show the value of analytics and sustain transformation based on knowledge of the broad social return on investment.

    Track 2

    Data Analytics: Driving Improvements in Performance and Outcomes Using the Data

    Gerry Tracy JD, MPH Manager, State and Payer Initiatives, 3M Health Information Systems
    Ramdas Menon, Director, Health Information Technology, Medicaid-CHIP, Texas Health and Human Service Commission
    Sule Calikoglu, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Research and Methodology Health Services Cost and Review Commission

    View HD VideoMany Medicaid programs  have committed to  value based purchasing and are grappling with  threshold challenges in performance measurement and reporting, stake holder buy-in, sustainable funding, transparency, and data infrastructure. In this session, leaders from three states will describe successes and issues in their efforts to support providers in improving quality, efficiency and care coordination.    

  • 03:40 p.m. « » 03:50 p.m.

    Short Break

  • 03:50 p.m. « » 04:35 p.m.

    Breakout Sessions

    Track 1

    Next Generation Enrollment Systems:Optimizing Data Integration with Qualified Health Plans and Legacy Data Systems

    Todd Schrubb, VP, EngagePoint
    Chris Wilkerson, Client Services Manager, Dept. of Social Services, State of Missouri
    Sonny Bhagowalia, Chief Advisor for Technology and Cyber-Security, State of Hawaii

    View HD VideoThe future of health care is changing and with it the enrollment policies, operational contexts and supporting information systems must change as well. This panel will discuss new and exciting policies and options, such as the “Private Option”, contrast these new opportunities against legacy practices and provide vendor perspectives about implications and solutions. The session aims to provide insightful and thought provoking content that health care organizations can use to consider enrollment solutions that provide better access to health care, yield better outcomes, and are fiscally responsible.

    Track 2

    HIX Analytics: What Data is being Utilized and How Will it be Used?

    Yvonne Powell, Senior Vice President, Business Development, States, The Lewin Group
    James Wadleigh, Chief Information Officer, Access Health Connecticut
    Brenda Gleason, Special Advisor to HealthSource R.I.

    View HD VideoThe data generated from Health Insurance Exchanges is enthusiastically anticipated. This data will be instrumental in understanding not only how the exchanges performed in the initial open enrollment period, but also how the exchanges are shaping overall changes to the health care system for the long term. Join the discussion with two exchange leaders on the trends they are seeing, the surprises and challenges, how the data will be used to improve performance, and how the data will help their organizations realize their organizations’ long-term visions.

  • 04:35 p.m. « » 05:35 p.m.

    Networking Cocktail Reception in Connect Exhibit Hall

2014 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit Agenda
Day 02

  • 07:45 a.m. « » 08:45 a.m.

    State Health IT Implementation Roundtables

    View Roundtable Abstracts and Presenters »

    State HIT representatives will lead discussion/thought leadership roundtables around their State's/Organization's HIT implementation Strategy and how this is underpinning the broader health reform process. This is a unique opportunity to share their experiences with peers and problem solve in a collaborative setting with peers facing similar challenges as well as to provide information on current and planned RFPs that are being issued to meet State/Organizational goals.

  • Health IT / Health Information Exchange (HIE) & Population Health Management Forum

    09:00 a.m. « » 10:00 a.m.

    Keynote Panel: Health Reform, Analytics in a Post HITECH World/The Evolution of Health Information Exchange

    Gary Christensen, VP InterSystems
    Hunt Blair, Principal Advisor, HIT-enabled Care Transformation, ONC/DHHS
    Karen Murphy, Director, State Innovation Model Initiative at Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)
    George Beckett, State HIT Coordinator, Tennessee

    View HD Video Now that the phase of investment in Health Information Exchange under HITECH is coming to a close, what will be the drivers of HIE going forward? What is next on the Federal agenda for accelerating the transformation of the healthcare system and how are State HIE programs responding to the call for new models of delivering healthcare and payment reform?

  • 10.00 « » 10.15

    Short Break

  • 10.15 a.m. « » 11:00 a.m.

    Breakout Sessions

    Track 1

    Medicaid / Provider Collaboration for Managing Patients with Complex Conditions

    Jim Maikranz, Vice President, Healthcare Solutions Government, MedeAnalytics
    Matt McGeorge, HIT Coordinator at Pennsylvania Office of Medical Assistance Programs
    Dan Roach III, MD, Acting Director, Center for Strategic Health Innovation, University of South Alabama

    Track 2

    Enhancing Data Intelligence for Population Health Management and Program Planning

    Anthony Puzzo, Account Executive, Esri
    Mike Powell, Chief Innovation Officer, State of Maryland, Office of the Governor
    Scott Afzal, CRISP's Director of Statewide Health Information Exchange Anthony Puzzo, Account Executive, Esri

    View HD VideoInformation is powerful. When we start to understand where patients live, the demographics of their neighborhoods, their environments and other similar factors, we begin to achieve population-based understanding. This information helps us diagnose communities and empower populations. Combining this type of data with location–based analytics, we start to visualize the specific needs and characteristics of our communities. Join our discussion to learn how Maryland is leveraging stronger data, rich geographic content, smart maps and analytics to report and predict what factors drive preventive care and affordable utilization.

  • 11.00 a.m « » 11.30 a.m.

    Networking Break in Exhibit Hall

  • 11.30 p.m « » 12.15 p.m

    Breakout Sessions


    Track 1

    Information Strategies to Support Population Health Management

    Gerry Yantis, Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP
    Dawn Gallagher, State HIT Coordinator, Maine
    John Langefeld, CMO, Clinical Integration, Population Health and Medical Informatics, Kentucky
    Shari Randle, Director, Division of Systems Management, Kentucky Office of Administrative and Technology Services

    View HD Video Join this panel of State HIT leaders to explore population health management as an implementation journey that spans services, legal, governance, structure (e.g., organization, process, people), and information infrastructure. The discussion will focus on business and system aspects of using existing capabilities such as All Payer Claims Databases (APCDs), Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), and integrated clinical and claims data, which provide states a 360-degree view of patients and patient populations to better support population health management.

    Key Learning Topics Include:
    • Data governance and data-sharing agreements
    • The role of existing HIT capabilities such as HIEs and APCDs
    • Data integration challenges
    • Sample use cases in Population Health Management
    • Legal and regulatory requirements in privacy and security

    Track 2

    Automating Cyber Security Monitoring and Mitigation for State Health Data Infrastructure

    Lewis Etheridge, CISSP, National Practice Manager, Public Healthcare, Symantec Public Sector Strategic Programs
    Pyreddy Reddy, CISO, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

    Sarjoo Shah, Cluster CIO, Eligibility and Insurance Business Segment, Oklahoma Office of State Finance

    View HD Video As states integrate and modernize legacy systems and offer more online services and interactions to their citizens, the security of their IT infrastructure and the protection of the privacy of data becomes much more critical. Coordinating risk management across increasingly complex and previously stand-alone systems and departments can be ineffective and expensive without a common framework to guide the transition. This, in combination with an ever-evolving threat landscape dramatically increases the chances of private data being breached, reputations being damaged, and fines being incurred.

    Attendees will learn about programs developed by NIST and the Department of Homeland Security that can greatly improve the risk posture of IT environments and how they can benefit healthcare and human services agencies.

  • 12.15 p.m « » 01.15 p.m

    Solution Provider Networking and Lunch

  • 01.15 p.m « » 1.25 p.m

    Short Break

  • Medicaid Modernization, Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) and Enterprise Systems Forum

    1.30 p.m « » 2.15 p.m

    Keynote: Program Advancement and Value-Based Architecture for States / Horizontal Integration of Health and Human Services

    Julie Pollard, Vice President, Analytic Services, Optum
    Nathan Johnson, State HIT Coordinator, Washington
    Ramdas Menon, Medicaid HIT, Texas, HHS Commission

    View HD Video The interplay of analytics services with technology is playing a significant role in State Medicaid modernization plans. Enterprise projects that enable access to data from Medicaid and other agency systems, including Health Insurance Exchanges and provider systems, create expanded business insight and provide new opportunities for administrators to tackle big issues as never before. This keynote panel will examine state programs to use enterprise-based systems and analytics to address key initiatives including population health management, payment reform and Medicaid modernization.

  • 2.15 p.m « » 2.25 p.m

    Short Break

  • 2.25 p.m « » 3.10 p.m

    Next Generation Enrollment & ID Analytics

    Alisoun Moore, Director Healthcare Strategy and Development, LexisNexis
    Marina Havan, CIO, DC Department of Human Services
    Shell Culp, Chief Deputy, CA Office of Systems Integration, Agency Information Officer, California Health and Human Services Association

    View HD VideoThis topic explores the use of identity authentication and analytics to ensure only qualified beneficiaries and/or providers are enrolled in State programs.  Most states have moved to a host of online benefit registration programs and online registration of qualified providers that serve those programs.  In an age where millions of identities are stolen it has become increasingly important to ensure states enroll the people who deserve benefits and not fraudsters hoping to gain access to the public pocketbook.  This session focuses on practices that can prevent the wrong people from enrolling in benefit programs and/or enrolling unqualified or false providers that serve the programs thereby saving states millions of dollars.  The session also addresses analytics used to discern suspicious activities meriting further investigation.

  • 3.10 p.m « » 3.20 p.m

    Short Break

  • 03.20 p.m « » 04.05 p.m

    Breakout Sessions

    Track 1

    Exploring Models for the Next Phase of HIX Implementation

    Kumar Subramaniam, VP Product Management, hCentive Panelists:
    Gary Schneider, IT Manager, ConnectforHealth Colorado
    Scott Devonshire, Chief Information Officer, Massachusetts Health Connector

    View HD Video States that raced to build out their own Health Insurance Exchanges by October 1, 2013 have had their unique challenges and experiences. Some have been more successful than others. As the ACA regulatory environment stabilizes, Exchange Operators are beginning to look for opportunities to stabilize operations, explore growth opportunities, and increase the speed at which they can execute higher quality projects. Attempts are being made to replicate success stories

    Rising enrollments on the public exchanges – Federal and State – will require existing Exchange Operators to respond quickly and cost effectively, to gaps in their consumer experience offerings. New entrants will hopefully learn from the early movers. Both will need to find ways to build and leverage their capabilities to co-exist and compete with the many private exchanges that will vie for the individual and employer sponsored insurance business.

    Representatives from two State-Based Exchanges will share their experiences and provide insights into potential models for the next set of State Health Insurance Marketplaces

    Track 2

    Examining Models for MMIS Re-Procurement

    Jim Joyce, SVP and GM Conuslting Services, Cognosante
    Darin Hackman, Director IS, Missouri HealthNet
    Paul Brannan, Director of IT Project and Contract Systems Management at Alabama Medicaid Agency

    View HD Video The future of health care is driving changes to Medicaid systems and to Medicaid operations. Traditional systems and replacement approaches are being re-examined and new strategies are being investigated to provide Medicaid solutions that integrate across the state Health and Human services enterprise. This panel will discuss the drivers for change and describe the new solution strategies under consideration for Alabama and Missouri procurements planned in 2015.

  • 4.05 p.m « » 4.50 p.m

    Closing Keynote / Keynote Panel: State feedback 'Town Hall' on Optimizing Federal funding for HIT System Modernization: 'The Promise of Collaboration: From Planning and Finance to Execution Excellence'

    John Teeter, Managing Director, Federal Advisory at KPMG, Global Center of Excellence for Health
    Jessica Kahn, Division of State Systems, Data and Systems Group Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS
    Joe Bodmer, Director, Interoperability Initiative, ACF/DHHS
    John Supra, CIO, South CarolinaDHHS
    Robert Guenther, Principal/Client Executive, CSG Government Solutions

    Join this expert panel of Federal and state health and human services executives for a interactive 'Town Hall' to explore future collaboration between Federal, State Government and possible the private sector on the future health and human services programs and how the grants structure can be improved to support the vision and practice of reusable shared services that facilitate interoperability and data sharing to make program staff more productive and to provide more effective and timely services to citizens and families.

2015 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit Speakers

  • ron_baldwin Ron Baldwin CIO, State of Montana
  • rahul_rakjkumar Rahul Rakjkumar, MD Deputy Director, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation
  • jon_white Jon White ONC or Thomas Mason (ONC), Chief Medical Officer, Acting Director, Office of Programs and Engagement ONC / SIM Group
  • chris_smith Chris Smith Clinical Data Interoperability Program Manager, Mississippi Division of Medicaid
  • donald_hoag Donald Hoag Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting
  • minakshi_tikoo Minakshi Tikoo State HIT Coordinator, Connectcicut
  • emmanuelle_st_jean Emmanuelle St. Jean Health Program Manager, The National Association of Counties' (NACo)
  • jessica_khan Jessica Kahn Director Data & Systems Group, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • mike_wirth Mike Wirth Special Advisor on eHHR Integration, Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
  • andrew_underhill Andrew Underhill holds Chief Technologist, Systems Made Simple, a Lockheed Martin Company,
  • barbara_debuono Barbara A. DeBuono Vice President, Market Development, 3M Health Information Systems.
  • dan_west Dan West Associate Vice President of Product Marketing, MedeAnalytics
  • estella-geraghty Estella M. Geraghty Chief Medical Officer and Health Solutions Director, Esri
  • george_beckett George Beckett Health Information Technology (HIT) Coordinator, Tennessee
  • nena_sanchez Nena Sanchez Senior Director, General Dynamics Information Technology (IT).
  • nick_macchione Nick Macchione Director of the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency
  • paul_christman Paul Christman Vice President, Dell Software Public Sector
  • richard_grape Richard K. Grape Market Planner, Health and Human Services, State and Local Government,
  • lewis_etheridge Lewis Etheridge, National Practice Manager, Provider & Public Health, Symantec
  • rex_plouk Rex Plouk Enterprise Health IT Officer, State of Ohio
  • bruce Bruce Gilbert Executive Director Silver State Health Insurance Exchange
  • wu-xu Wu Xu, PhD Director for the Center for Health Data
  • antonio-j-sisco Antonio J Sisco Jr Head of the Puerto Rico Health Information Network
  • hedi-fox Heidi Fox MCO Transparency and Data Analytics in the Sunshine State
  • sam-taylor Sam Taylor Director of Product Management at ClientTrack
  • rex_plouk Anthony Chough Senior Vice President of Product Development Group
  • karen-ruiz Karen Ruiz Project Director, California Healthcare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System (CalHEERS)
  • prabhakar Prabhakar Ram Senior Vice President and Head of Products
  • jason_hetherington Jason Hetherington Chief Information Officer with the Health Connector in Massachusetts
  • ethan_owen Ethan Owen CIO (IT Director), Your Health Idaho (YHI), the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange
  • groschen-laura Laura Groschen Vice President of Optum Technology's Government Solutions business.
  • linda-pung Linda Pung General Manager in the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget.
  • craig-rhinehart Craig Rhinehart Director, Smarter Care Strategy and Market Development IBM Software Group
  • pyreddy-reddy Pyreddy Reddy Chief Information Security Officer for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
  • matthew-roberts Matthew Roberts Informatics Project Manager for the Chicago Department of Public Health
  • nicole-helmantoler Nicole Helmantoler Enterprise Information Architect for the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA)
  • pradeep-goel Pradeep Goel CEO, EngagePoint
  • sean-pearson Sean Pearson Deputy Cabinet Secretary of the New Mexico Human Services Department.
  • rex_plouk Chris Underwood State leadership perspective, Director, Health Information Office, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
  • rex_plouk Nicole Gillespie Director of Communication and Change Management at State of Illinois Framework for Healthcare and Human Services
  • rex_plouk Martin (Marty) Rice MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS, Director, Division of State Systems, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • rex_plouk Jim Gorman Senior Technical Advisor, Data and Systems Group (DSG), Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS)
  • rex_plouk Gopal Khanna Director, Illinois Healthcare and Human Services Innovation Incubator (HHSi2)
  • rex_plouk Chris Lunt VP Engineering, GetInsured
  • rex_plouk Patrick Conway CMO, CMS, Director of the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, and Director of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)
  • rex_plouk Deneen Omer Vice President and Director of Human Services at CSG Government Solutions, CSG Systems
  • rex_plouk Melodie Olsen State HIT Coordinator, State of Washington
  • rex_plouk Rick Rubin CEO, OneHealthPort
  • camille_harding Camille Harding Quality Health Improvement Manager, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
  • marni_bussell Marni Bussell Project Manager, SIM Director, Iowa Medicaid Enterprise
  • cynthia_green_edwards Cynthia Green Edwards Director, Office of Medicaid Health Information Technology, State of Michigan
  • robert_pennacchia Robert Pennacchia Health Cluster CIO, NYS Office of Information Technology Services
  • hunt_blair Hunt Blair HIT Enabled Care Transformation SME, ONC/DHHS
  • cathleen_bennett Cathleen Bennett CIO & Director, Policy & Strategic Planning, New Jersey Department of Health


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Derek Vale

Health IT Manager Office of Information Management & Technology
Bill O'Byrne

Executive Director NJ-HITEC
Amy Glasscock

HIT Coordinator Rhode Island Department of Health
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Denise Webb

HIT Coordinator Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Dallas Lain

Enterprise HIT Coordinator Wyoming
Tom Keefe

Senior Director State Government Affairs HIMSS
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Megan Lape

National Wkgrp Leaders on Integration Coordinator/ISM Policy Associate American Public Human Services Association (APHSA)
Patricia MacTaggart

Lead Research Scientist/Lecturer
Sheila Hogan

Director, Montana Department of Administration
cms_rick_friedman dawn_gallagher terry_bequette
Rick Friedman

National Workgroup on Integration, APHSA, former Director of State Systems DHHS

Dawn Gallagher

State HIT Coordinator, Maine
Terry Bequette

State HIT Coordinator, Vermont
Sanjeev_Sonny_Bhagowalia laurence_stuntz tim_robyn
Sanjeev "Sonny" Bhagowalia

Chief Information Officer, CIO
State of Hawaii'
Laurance Stuntz

Director, Massachusetts eHealth Institute
Tim Robyn

CIO State of Missouri
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Sean Pearson

Chief Information Officer & HIT Coordinator New Mexico Department of Health
Rita Rutland

CIO, Mississippi Division of Medicaid
John Supra

Deputy Director & CIO South Carolina Dept. of Health & Human Services
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William J. O'Byrne

Executive Director, New Jersey Health Information Technology Extension Centre (NJ-HITEC)
Chad Grant

Senior Policy Analyst and Program Manager at AMR Management Services
Gregory Franklin

Assistant Secretary, Health Information Technology, California Technology Agency
Sule_Calikoglu george_beckett edward_dolly
Sule Calikoglu

Associate Director Performance Measurement, Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission
George Beckett

HIT Coordinator, State of Tennessee
Edward Dolly

State Health Information Technology Coordinator, West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources
donald_shearer jim_rose jim_wadleigh
Donald Shearer Director / Health Care Operations Administration, DC Jim Rose Deputy CIO, State of Indiana, Office of Technology Jim Wadleigh

Chief Information Officer, Access Health Connecticut
Josh_hardy sherri_McGee Pyreddy_Reddy
Josh Hardy

Health Informatics Director, Louisianna Office of Behavioral Health
Sherri McGee

Chief Information Services, Nevada DHCFP
Pyreddy Reddy,

Chief Information Security Officer, DHHS
dummy_image dummy_image amy_zimmerman
Ashok Chennuru

Staff Vice President, Enteprise Information Architecture and Health Information Technology, Wellpoint
Shari Randle

Division Director, Office of Administration & Technology Service
Amy Zimmerman HIT Coordinator Rhode Island Department of Health
dummy_image Raul_Recerey doug_landin
Chris Cruz

CIO California CHCS
Raul Recerey

Executive Director, Illinois Health INformation Exchange (IHIE)
Doug Landin

Health Information Technology Director, Colorado Department of Human Services
Anuj_Desai dummy_image Kathleen-Monahan
Anuj Desai

VP Market Development, New York eHealth Collaborative
Mike Wirth

Special Advisor to the Secretary Department Health and Human Resources
Kathleen Monahan

Executive Director, Illinois Framework Project
Sean_Pearson pam_mathews dummy_image
Sean Pearson

Chief Information Officer & HIT Coordinator NM Departemnt of Health

Pam MathewsSenior Director, Informatics, HIMSS Kelly Gonzalez

State HIT Coordinator, Georgia