Enabling the Healthcare Ecosystem with Real-Time Integration and Analytics: An Interview with Eugene Sayan, Chairman, CEO & Founder, Softheon

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Eugene Sayan, Softheon’s Chairman, CEO & Founder sat down with Healthcare IT Connect’s Rob Waters to discuss the expanding role of integration and analytics in a cloud and services based world and how Softheon feels it is uniquely positioned to thrive in this future landscape.

Rob Waters: Can you tell us about your company, Softheon, its corporate culture, and how that culture extends to the quality relationships you establish with clients?

Eugene Sayan: At Softheon we strive to create simple solutions to complex problems. We are headquartered in Stony Brook, NY and the majority of our workforce has graduated college within the last five years. What we lack in experience, we make up for in determination and focus. Our culture then isn’t just about working hard, but at its core it comes down to the relationships we build with each of our clients. We have been able to build these lasting relationships through open communication channels, collaboration, and an overall willingness to handle anything that comes our way. This is the reason we use the term ‘partner’ rather than ‘client’: our relationships are paramount, and all other activities are an extension of this fact.

RW: Can you give a more in-depth description on the services you provide to payers and governments and how you differentiate yourself. How does Softheon deliver value to solve their challenges?

ES: Softheon provides a variety of services to both payers and governments, including automated premium billing, payment gateway, HIPAA EDI validations, and advanced data analytics. Our platform is able to take data from a variety of disparate sources and converge into a meaningful repository, which can in turn streamline a number of ancillary processes. One of Softheon’s most valuable services (outside of the Software itself), that we provide to both payers and government agencies, has to be our agility. We differentiate ourselves from our competition by the fact that we have been able to adapt and thrive in a very unstable market.

RW: You previously forecasted that a supply chain transformation where healthcare payers would govern, rather than own, their data assets. Has this vision come to fruition?

ES: With regards to payers governing, rather than owning their data assets, we can already see this shift occurring by the fact that a number of payers are adopting cloud-based, value-added solutions. Payers now have less of a need for expensive hardware infrastructure, and can employ a leaner technical team.

At the same time, these new cloud-based solutions can be accessed on demand, from anywhere in the world, as long as the person is an authorized user.

RW: Where do see advanced analytics and integration going?

ES: We see advanced data analytics and integration becoming more and more prominent in the healthcare space, both for payers and government agencies. These analytics are already being used today for tasks such as plan design and target market outreach. The demand for real-time integrations is also becoming a more popular topic, as customers want their metrics as soon as they are available, and want their partners to be on the same page. We see this as building the healthcare ecosystem, which can then in-turn create a better system for all stakeholders.

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