Transitioning to a State-Based Health Insurance Marketplace During a Pandemic

Date: 10.05.2020 | HITC Editor

LIVE PLENARY WEBINAR | Thursday, October 8th | 12:00-1:00 EDT
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Transitioning to a State-Based Health Insurance Marketplace During a Pandemic

- Brantley Scott, MS, Data Quality Project Manager, Office of Health Care Statistics (OHCS), Utah
- Nick Faulkner, PMP, Project Manager and Technical Consultant Comagine Health
- Sara Hallvik, Senior Director of Analytic Services Comagine Health
- Emilie Sites, MPH, Comagine Health

Simply having access to a large administrative dataset, like an all-payer claims database (APCD), is not enough to provide actionable insights and solutions to real-world problems. Meaningful stakeholder input at all stages, a deep connection to the communities who stand to benefit from data-driven insights, appropriate deployment of advanced analytics, and an iterative approach are critical.

We will interview at least one state partner about their experience converting complicated information into understandable visualizations and address the public’s need for meaningful information.

As the host of the voluntary APCD in Oregon, covering 80% of Oregonians, our team will also share how we have turned the APCD into action to help solve real-world problems and improve transparency. We will be walking through our steps to successfully build data solutions for key use cases through extensive stakeholder discussions, iterative development, and focusing on data quality. Our team will share our practical but effective process through real examples, including total cost of care reporting and CPC+ convening and aggregation and analysis.

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