‘Town Hall’ on Optimizing Federal funding for HIT System Modernization

Date: March 7, 2014||   0  Comments

‘The Promise of Collaboration: From Planning and Finance to Execution Excellence’

Join this expert panel of Federal and state health and human services executives for a interactive ‘Town Hall’ to explore future collaboration between Federal, State Government and possible the private sector on the future health and human services programs and how the grants structure can be improved to support the vision and practice of reusable shared services that facilitate interoperability and data sharing to make program staff more productive and to provide more effective and timely services to citizens and families.

Presenters: John Teeter, Managing Director, Federal Advisory at KPMG, Global Center of Excellence for Health
Jessica Kahn, Division of State Systems, Data and Systems Group Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS
Joe Bodmer, Director, Interoperability Initiative, ACF/DHHS
John Supra, CIO, South CarolinaDHHS Robert Guenther, Principal/Client Executive, CSG Government Solutions

Register to view this panel at the 2014 State healthcare IT Connect Summit, Media Portal


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