The Future of Healthcare IT and Google Glass

Date: 07.18.2013 | Zach Urbina">Zach Urbina

Google Glass, the much-anticipated new Android OS platform is not yet widely available, but early adopters are already touting the possibilities of applications in the health IT space.

Potential applications for the technology include:

-       “Assistive technology” for meeting Meaningful Use State 2 in hospital settings. This might help ensure proper administration of medication.

-       Clinical documentation alignment via real-time video. Rather than transcription, video recording seems like a more thorough process.

-       Emergency Department dashboards. ER physicians might use Google Glass’s highly anticipated visual cuing to reduce the touch points of vital stats monitoring.

-       Alerts and reminders. Whether working in a private practice or a busy ER shift, physicians everywhere count every last second of their free time. The hands-free element of Google Glass may eventually see it replace the iPad as the peripheral device of choice among clinicians.

While its still too early too tell how exactly Google Glass will shape physicians’ daily duties, the future applications for health IT appear very bright, indeed.

via Life as a Healthcare CIO

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