State leadership, data governance, technology innovation, and resource allocation in accelerating interoperability initiatives

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Plenary Session Details | 12:00 – 1.00 PM. EDT
Meeting CMS Interoperability Requirements, Bringing forward the Enterprise Data Vision

(*see full session abstract below).

Many states are in the middle of designing and implementing technology solutions in order to meet compliance deadlines for the CMS Interoperability Rule. At the same time, this undertaking has prompted many states to develop a multi-agency data sharing/interoperability roadmap that shifts the focus from program-specific data to person-centric data shared amongst all stakeholders in order to achieve optimal outcomes for beneficiaries.

There are many factors, of course, that will impact a State’s ability to bring forward its enterprise data vision and to design and implement a seamless, person-centric service delivery model. Join our panel of state leaders, HIE, and industry participants who will discuss the role of state leadership, data governance, technology innovation, and resource allocation in accelerating interoperability initiatives to meet with CMS mandates and to define the next phase of HHS transformation.

Join our panelists who will share their perspectives, experiences as well as to discuss topics including:

What progress has been made?

  • Engaging vendors vs leveraging in-house developer resources, hybrid models to meet CMS interoperability requirements.
  • What can we tackle next? Will payer to payer interoperability requirements be the next requirement to drop?
  • Is inter-agency data sharing included under the functional definition of ‘information blocking between business associates’?
  • What needs to happen for data governance to keep pace with rule-making, data sharing requests? What role should the governor’s office play?
  • Pulling forward the enterprise data vision, what will be the role of broader enterprise integration platforms?
  • Harnessing vendor innovation community for maximum impact in the short, long term.
  • What will the next phase of vendor innovation look like?
  • How can we leverage our HIE partners?
  • How can we leverage interoperability in support of ‘outcomes-based transformation!
  • How can Public Health participate? What SME resources can be shared from Medicaid, HIEs to help facilitate major modernization projects?

- Ryan Howells, Principal, Leavitt Partners
- Michael Barabe, Enterprise Data Architect, Office of Strategic Services, Division of Enterprise Technology Services, Washington State Healthcare Authority
- Tim Pletcher, Executive Director, Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services
- Nick Blake, VP Client Services, Brijent

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