Measuring Patient Experience in the Era of Value-Based Care

Date: 05.15.2013 | Zach Urbina">Zach Urbina
value based careLooking beyond solely on whether patients are satisfied, the movement focuses on defined protocols that are designed to reduce stress and make for better outcomes.

While “patient satisfaction” has been a well-known term for a while, it’s being replaced or augmented by the “patient experience.”

Patient satisfaction is about what patients think about their treatment. The patient experience — focusing on care coordination, communication with caregivers and staff responsiveness — is about protocols designed to reduce patient stress, experts said. The patient experience movement has been growing for years, but it has gained momentum, thanks in part to the Affordable Care Act and a push to tie payments increasingly to value and quality of care.

Physician organizations, including the American Medical Association, are offering doctors insight on how to create the best patient experience. Some hospitals are more proscriptive, outlining what actions their employed physicians must take at every visit for the best patient experience.

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