Accurate, helpful feedback is possible with patient portals

Date: 05.15.2013 | Zach Urbina">Zach Urbina

A pilot study conducted by the ONC, the National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago (NORC), and Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania indicates that patients can provide accurate and beneficial feedback about their own health conditions when using patient portals.  A key provision of the upcoming Stage 3 Meaningful Use criteria, the notion of patient-provided data has divided physicians on its usefulness, but the study shows that inaccurate medication lists can be corrected by patients in at least 56% of pharmacist-approved cases.

During a webinar hosted by the National eHealth Collaborative on February 4, 2013, Dr. Prashila Dullabh presented the study’s findings, which involved 1500 patients, 414 of which responded to a request to examine their own prescription lists using an online interface.  Eighty-nine percent of the participants requested changes in their medication records, averaging two suggested corrections per patient.  In more than half of the cases, pharmacists approved the changes, making the lists more accurate than they were without patient intervention.

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