Healthcare’s Accountable Care Organizations IT Challenges and Forecasts

Date: 06.06.2013 | Anna Abraham

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are new and interesting solutions for health care providers, physicians and patients. Fee-for-services payment conditions or FFS where physicians are incentivized to provide “quantity of care” are being paired with ACOs to promote value for patients, efficiency for the system overall and higher earning potential for physicians.

Growth in Medicare spending per beneficiary hit historic lows since the creation of ACOs. Now experts are forecasting more than $940 million in federal savings in the next four years.

Still, ACOs have a huge undertaking with four main IT Tasks and a three year estimated margin to pull it all together:

Universal EHR Adoption    Experts suggesting that EHR penetration could surpass 80 percent in 2013.

HIE Implementation and HER Interoperability   One huge challenge because of one pesky word: incompatibility.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics   Analytics must produce effective insights to establish best practices.

Patient Portals and Care Management   The primary objective of ACOs is to increase patient engagement and communication between patients and providers.

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