Introduction & Overview

COVID-19 has highlighted, as never before, the need to address healthcare disparities for the nation’s highest-risk patients often residing in some of the most underserved communities.

At the same time, states have experienced a pace of change and innovation, often enabled through waiver applications, and data sharing agreements processed in timeframes previously thought unimaginable.

The pace of change and innovation is set to continue, with the CMS, and ONC Interoperability rules laying the foundation, for a more citizen-centric data ecosystem, and the ability to deliver care in a variety of settings, across the health and human services continuum.

Guidance to deliver CMS’ vision for ‘outcomes-based transformation’ will further provide guard rails for states to procure and deliver technology projects in a way that delivers on both organizational goals and policy objectives.

States have clearly communicated that they don’t want to back slip to how things were, they can see the opportunity for embracing interoperability, harnessing new innovation and vendor partnerships in a way that delivers outcomes and the opportunity to transform the citizen experience.

The 2021 (11th Annual) State HIT Connect Summit will provide critical insights during this transformative period, enabling public and private sector thought leaders to share ideas and benchmark implementation strategies of State Health IT Systems for 2021 and beyond.

2021 Summit Tracks:

- Monday, May 17, Track 1: MES Procurement, Modularity, Outcomes-Based Transformation
- Tuesday, May 18: Track 2: Interoperability, Data Analytics & Population Health
- Wednesday, May 19: Track 3: Enterprise Systems, Integrated Service Delivery for HHS
- Thursday, May 21: Track 4: Security, Compliance, Combating Fraud, Waste & Abuse / Track 5: State Marketplace Reform, Managed Care Optimization
- Friday, May 21: Track 6: Emerging Technologies, Accelerating Innovation in Medicaid

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Event Location: Hilton Baltimore, 401 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD, 21201

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