2020 HITC State Virtual Mini-Series Series

Date: 05.25.2020 | HITC Editor

Over the course of 6 months, HITC will host what will essentially be six State HIT Connect mini-conferences on the first Thursday of every month, profiling priority topics for each of the six conference tracks, as well as an ‘Interoperability Insights’ themed webinar aligned to the same track. We will also include one sponsored webinar, co-developed with an industry partner for each of the virtual mini-series, also aligned to the track theme, topics.

Each webinar is produced by Healthcare IT Connect as streaming video synced with a PowerPoint presentation, the session will be broadcast live and held in the archive at the State HIT Connect media portal for 12 months.

As part of the State HIT Connect virtual platform, we’re excited to kick off the first of seven ‘Interoperability Insights’ webinars
 ‘From Indiana to the National Accelerators: COVID-19 and Interoperability for a Better Path forward’
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The session, co-hosted with Daniel Stein and the National Interoperability Collaborative. The presentation is about, not only learning about API-enabled models, and solutions being developed to accelerate interoperability but to explore over two hours, linkages to public health crises, and introducing opportunities for attendees to really ‘get involved’ in the innovation that will underpin the next phase of healthcare transformation.

The purpose of the session is to hopefully provide participants with: Introduction to the themes, topics, and available resources for improving data interoperability across multiple domains, including a preview of the Interoperability Institute’s InterOpathon Insights into the work of Indiana’s Rapid Response “Data Coordination” Taskforce. High-Level Understanding of HL7’s FHIR Accelerator Program, through DaVinci ProjectGravity ProjectCarin, as well as NIC’s Project Unify.

Opportunities for Collaboration, we very much encourage all attendees to contribute questions via the chat function for the Q&A portions of the webinar.

From Indiana to the National Accelerators: COVID-19 and Interoperability for a Better Path forward

The kickoff webinar in our “Interoperability Insights” series will showcase an innovative, cross-sector initiative in Indiana and some of the most important national accelerator projects in the U.S., including the DaVinci ProjectGravity ProjectCarin Alliance’s Blue Button and NIC’s Project Unify.

Who: State  IT Connect in partnership with the National Interoperability Collaborative (NIC, which is a project of the Stewards of Change Institute)
What: An interactive webinar series titled “Interoperability Insights,” which will focus on key sessions from the Healthcare IT Connect Conference over the next few months.
When: First webinar in the series is 12.00 to 2 p.m. (Eastern) Friday, May 1, 2020.
Where: Register here>> for complimentary access, add to calendar!
Why: Because the pandemic makes collaboration and interoperability even more important!

Leaders of these efforts will:

  • Provide an overview of their work;
  • Offer insights into practical ways for advancing information-sharing and interoperability; and, most pointedly,
  • Provide information and guidance aimed at addressing public health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar will include:

  • A preview of the Interoperability Institute’s InterOpathon, which will be held on May 28 and 29; participants in this exciting virtual event will develop solutions for improving data interoperability across multiple domains.
  • A presentation on the work of a Rapid Response “Data Coordination” Taskforce in Indiana, which works to inform and enable the state’s effort to combat COVID-19 across multiple agencies, providers and community-based organizations.
  • “ignite” talks about the projects in HL7’s FHIR Accelerator Program, as well as the Project Unify proof-of-concept.

All the webinars in this series are being designed to be highly interactive. That is, attendee discussion will be encouraged and built into the format, with the goal of learning from each other and then synthesizing the learning to enhance strategic action planning for better-addressing future public health emergencies.

Agenda (12-2.00 EDT):

12.00-12.15 EDT
Introduction to key themes, topics:
Rob Waters, VP, Healthcare IT Connect
Daniel Stein, CEO, Stewards of Change
Tim Pletcher, CEO, MiHIN

12.15-12.35 EDT
Indiana’s COVID-19 Data Taskforce: Public health response, data sharing implications!

Connor Norwood, Chief Data Officer, Indiana FSSA, Data Coordinator, COVID-19 Taskforce
Jared Linder, CIO, Indiana FSSA

Join Connor Norwood and Jared Linder members of Indiana’s (FSSA) leadership team to learn how they were able to create a rapid response HIT task force to effectively inform and enable Indiana’s response to the COVID-19 crisis across multiple agencies, providers and community-based organizations. 

12.35-12.45 EDT
Introduction to the Interoperability Institute’s InterOpathon (May 28-29)
Mary Kratz, EVP, Interoperability Institute

Hear ignite presentations from HL7’s FHIR Accelerator Projects and Project Unify leaders as they prepare for a series of webinars leading to a virtual ‘Interopathon‘ that will develop solutions for improving data interoperability across multiple domains.

12.45-1.35 EDT
Introduction to FHIR accelerator projects, Project Unify

Payer-Provider Collaboration (HL7 Da Vinci)
Jocelyn Keegan, Project Manager, Da Vinci, Principal Consultant, Point of Care Partners
Consumer Access (CARIN Blue Button)
Mark RobertsAssociateLeavitt Partners, CARIN Alliance
SDoH (Gravity)
Lisa Nelson, Gravity Project Technical Director, (MaxMD Principal Informaticist
Project Unify Demonstration Project (Project Unify)
Dave Walsh, MITA TAC, NIC Let’s Get Technical Co-Lead

1.35-1.55 EDT
Facilitated Discussion & InterviewAudience Q&A
How can FHIR innovations, new rules, and state experience be used to optimize data sharing, and respond to future public health crises?

1.55-2.00 EDT
Session wrap up and opportunities for follow up resources
Rob Waters, VP, Healthcare IT Connect

Register here for complimentary access to archive video and PPT presentation. 

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