Introduction & Overview

The 2020 meeting will be the 11th annual State Healthcare IT Connect Summit. The conference has grown and evolved into an important national venue for public and private sector thought leaders to share ideas and benchmark implementation strategies of State Health IT Systems. We anticipate 1000+ attendees & 45+ state teams at the 2020 program. 2020 tracks and themes are included as below:

Please submit your session proposal as part of the 2020 Call for Papers here »

Please take note of the session evaluation criteria when submitting your proposal
(submission deadline is Friday, October 4th.)


Track 1: MES Procurement, Modularity, Outcomes-Based Transformation
Track 2: Interoperability, Data Analytics & Population Health
Track 3: Enterprise Systems, Integrated Service Delivery for HHS
Track 4: Security, Compliance & Combatting Fraud, Waste & Abuse
Track 5: State Marketplace Reform, Managed Care Optimization
Track 6: Emerging Technologies, Accelerating Innovation in Medicaid

Cross-cutting agenda themes include: Data Quality, Program & Business Metrics, Evolving Procurement Approaches, Organizational Change Management, Interoperability, Consumer Data Access, Integrating SDoH, Advanced Analytics, Security and Privacy.

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Attendee Profile (we anticipate 1000+attendees, 45+state teams at the 2020 meeting).

» Federal Agencies (ONC, CMS, NIH, SAMHSA, DOD, VA, SSA): National Coordinator, Deputy Director, Policy Director, Technical Director, Interoperability & Standards, IT & Analytics, Project Management
» State Medicaid: Director, Health Reform, CMOs, CSOs, E&E, MMIS, MES, Provider Relations, Analytics, PHM, Sustainability
» Human Services: Director, CIOs, Analytics, E&E, Transformation, Program Leadership
» Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX): CEO, Executive Director, CIO, CSO and MIS
» Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) / Health Data Organizations: CEO, Executive Director, CIO, CSO, Analytics and MIS
» Commercial Payers, Health Systems, Medical Groups: CMIOs2019 State, Director HIE, Informatics, PHM, Care Coordination
» Solution Providers/Integrators: CEO, VP Public Sector, VP Sales, Director HIE / HIX, ProjectDirector, Account Manager

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Participant Planning Schedule – Important Dates & Deadlines

Friday, July 19th, 2019

• Call for Papers Opens

Friday, Sep 6th, 2019

• Conference Registration Opens
• Group Rate Hotel Reservations Opens (Regular and Per Diem)
• Sponsorship Bookings Open (email for details)

Friday, October 4th, 2019

• Speaking Proposal Submission Deadline (submission link in ‘Speaking Proposal’s tab)

Friday, Nov 15th, 2019

• Notification of Speaking Proposal Acceptance

Friday, Jan 24th, 2020

• Early Bird Registration Ends
• Discounted Early Bird rate sponsor registration tickets expire
• Final Agenda Published
• Exhibitor Kit available online, Shepard Exhibition Services portal is available for booking booth furnishings.

Friday, February 7th, 2020

• Submission deadline for updated speaker & session materials (show guide drop deadline)
• Submission deadline for sponsor logos, company descriptions, contacts & advertisements (show guide drop deadline)

Friday, March 27th, 2020

• Group room block reservation ends

Friday, April 10th, 2020

• Discounted Regular Rate sponsor registration tickets expire

Sunday, April 26th

1-6.00 PM: Exhibitor Move-In & Demo Room Setup

Monday, April 27th, 2020

8 AM-2.00 PM: Exhibitor Move-In & Demo Room Setup
11.00 AM: Registration Opens
1-2.30 PM: Networking, Meetings, and Workshops
3-5.00 PM: Networking, Meetings, and Workshops
5-6.00 PM: Opening Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

7.30 AM Registration Opens
5.00 PM Conference sessions end
5-6.00 PM Wine & Cheese Networking Reception

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

7.30 AM Registration Opens
1-4.00 PM: Exhibitor Breakdown
2.30 PM: Conference Closes

2020 ‘Call for papers’, speaking opportunities: email Rob Waters,

2020 Sponsorship Opportunities: email Victoria Smith,

2020 Group Registrations: email Albi Satku,

Event Location: Hilton Baltimore, 401 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD, 21201

The team at Healthcare IT Connect

Monday, April 27


Registration Opens Welcome, Leadership Panel!


Pre-Conference Workshops

Track 1 (Workshop): Time to Focus on Outcomes
Track 1A (Workshop): PSTG (Private Sector Technology Group) Meeting
Track 2 (Workshop): SHIEC hosted Interoperability, HIE, Medicaid Partnership
Track 2A (Workshop): Addressing the Opioid Epidemic though HIT and care management operations
Track 3 (Workshop): Harnessing the Power of Data to Connect Medicaid and Corrections Data for Hoosier Health
Track 4 (Pre-Event Workshop): Secure Your SDLC – A Portfolio Management Approach
Track 5 (Workshop): Evolution of HIX Marketplaces and HHS
Track 6 (Workshop): The Future of Digital Quality Measurement


Workshops (Tracks 1-6, as below)


PSTG (Private Sector Technology Group) Meeting:

Track 1 (Workshop): TMSIS Update (session details awaiting CMS, DSG clearance)
Track 1A (Workshop): MITA Governance Board Meeting
Track 1A (Workshop): Stakeholder-Driven Approach to EVV: Leveraging Creative Technical Solutions to Streamline EVV Track 2 (Workshop): The Roadmap Less Travelled: HITECH and Medicaid Projects and Outcomes Merge!
Track 2A (Workshop): APCD, HIT Infrastructure to support VBP
Track 3 (Workshop): Innovation At It’s Best: Florida’s Approach to FX Modernization
Track 4 (Workshop): The More You Know: Shine a Light on Your TPL Programs. Let transparency guide you.
Track 6 (Workshop): Using Lean-Agile to Transform Your Work

Tuesday, April 28


Registration Opens


Opening Remarks:


General Session: CMS, DSG (session details awaiting clearance)


Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall


Plenary Sessions (Tracks 1-6, as below)

Track 1 PLENARY – MES Procurement, Modularity, Outcomes Based Transformation (MES Procurement Focus)
Track 2: PLENARY – Interoperability, Data Analytics and Population Health
Track 3: PLENARY – Selecting an Application Platform for your HHS Enterprise
Track 4 (PLENARY) – Technology driven approaches to combat Medicaid fraud, waste, and abuse Track 5: PLENARY – State Marketplace Reform, Managed Care Transformation
Track 6: PLENARY – Emerging Technologies, Accelerating Transformation in Medicaid


Lunch Served in General Session Hall


Lunchtime Keynote: to be announced


15 Minute Short Break


Meet the Innovators Roundtables

Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 1: Edifecs – Taco Tuesday! A Method to the Module-ness
Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 2: Appriss Health – Transforming PDMPs into Integrated Clinical Platforms to Enable Impactful Progress Towards Reducing Opioid Overdoses and Deaths
Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 3: eSystems Overcoming Barriers to Adopting AI
Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 4: MAXIMUS, Incorporating Social Determinants of Health into Medicaid Planning
Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 5: Myers & Stauffer – HITECH to MMIS Funding Transition Steps to Maximize Remaining Funding and Sustain Current and Future Health IT Investments
Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 6: TBC
Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 7: TBC
Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 8: TBC
Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 9: TBC
Meet the Innovators Working Lunch Roundtable 10: TBC


Short Break


Industry Breakout Sessions

Track 1: INDUSTRY SESSION – Deloitte – Top Considerations in Implementing a Cloud-Based Modular IT System Track 2: INDUSTRY SESSION – Optum – How do we get to data standardization?
Track 3: INDUSTRY SESSION – Accenture
Track 4: INDUSTRY SESSION – HMS – Global Partnerships with Local Outcomes – How Medicaid is Benefiting from Worldwide Cooperative Digital Health Research
Track 5: INDUSTRY SESSION – Equifax
Track 6: INDUSTRY SESSION – Tackling Interoperability Using the Emerging Technology of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®)


Break in the Exhibit Hall



Track 1: Virginia’s Modular Implementation of MES – Chapter Two
Track 1A: HIE coming under MMIS, Interoperability (CMS)
Track 2: Addressing Social Determinants of Health with an Open, Interoperable Data Ecosystem
Track 2A: TEFCA Update, Exploring the Role of QHINs
Track 3: Discover How Maryland is Using the Cloud to Integrate HHS Delivery
Track 4: A New Approach to Employer and Income Verification – State Specific Data Set Development
Track 5: Leveraging Machine Learning to Enhance MCO Provider Network Oversight
Track 6: Pioneering Assistive Technology for HCBS, LTSS!


Networking Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall

Wednesday, April 29


Registration Opens


States of Implementation Roundtables

States of Implementation Roundtable 1: TBC (allocated to Colorado PMO team, States of Implementation Roundtable 2: Own the outcomes: Managing development efforts in an iterative world
States of Implementation Roundtable 6: Realizing Modular Innovations – Integrated Social Services Care Management in Indiana
States of Implementation Roundtable 3: Connecting Medicaid & Health Data to Facilitate Statewide Analytic Challenges Aimed at Improving Maternal Health
States of Implementation Roundtable 4: Innovative Care Delivery Support in Maryland States of Implementation Roundtable 9: Lessons in Payer Clinical Data Quality: Mississippi Medicaid’s Experience with MCO Clinical Data
States of Implementation Roundtable 5: Completing Life Cycles – How Are We Going to Manage?
States of Implementation Roundtable 8: Exposing a Common Blind Spot: Hidden Security and Compliance Risks Unique to Medical Devices
States of Implementation Roundtable 7: Doctor to Doctor – Connecting Dentists and Pediatricians through Enabling Technology to Improve Children’s Oral Health
States of Implementation Roundtable 11: EVV Certification Update (session details awaiting CMS, DSG clearance) States of Implementation Roundtable 9: Using procurement transparency to attract modern software vendors
States of Implementation Roundtable 12: The DC HIE: How DC’s Medicaid Program is Using a Market-Driven Approach to Sustain HIE
States of Implementation Roundtable 14: Power in Partnership: Fostering Data Governance Transformation Through States’ Collaboration
States of Implementation Roundtable 10: Driving Better Health Outcomes Through Multicultural Text Messaging
States of Implementation Roundtable 15: Transforming the Citizen Experience in Health & Human Services


Opening Remarks


General Session:


15 Minute Short Break


Industry Breakout Sessions


Track 1: INDUSTRY SESSION – GDIT Achieve Modular Integration Success with Systems Integration
Track 2: INDUSTRY SESSION – IMAT Solutions – Completing the picture: An interactive quality measure dashboard combining EHR and claims data
Track 3: INDUSTRY SESSION – MarkLogic
Track 5: INDUSTRY SESSION – LexisNexis – Transforming Government Healthcare: Non-traditional Data as an Enabler Track 6: INDUSTRY SESSION – HealthEC A Roadmap for Meaningful Data Sharing within a State HHS Agency


Networking Break in Exhibit Hall



Track 1: Modularity in Motion – Real World Approaches to the Ever-Changing Payment Accuracy Landscape
Track 1A: Outcomes-Based Certification, APD Integration (session details awaiting CMS, DSG clearance)
Track 2: Climbing the Data Governance Mountain: The Great Expedition
Track 2A: Leveraging Open APIs to Promote Efficiency and Interoperability in Medicaid
Track 3: A Better Path to Integrated Eligibility Systems
Track 4: Proving Your Trustworthiness: How to Demonstrate Privacy and Security Compliance
Track 5: Davinci Project Updates
Track 6: Maximizing the value of cloud for HHS systems


Networking Lunch & Demonstrations



Track 1: MMIS Modularity Replacement…How do I get Started?
Track 1A: Duplication here (check back to ‘Master Agenda Plan’
Track 2: Quality Measurement: Innovations for Population Health, Value Based Payment
Track 2A: Project Unify Combining Health and Human Services
Track 3: Child Welfare Modernization, Implementing CCWIS
Track 4: Best Practices in Detecting Fraud
Track 5: Transforming Medicaid Consumer Engagement with Integrated Digital Platforms
Track 6: Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) Transformation Project


5 Minute Short Break


Closing Keynote: TBC

The 2020 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit will be held at the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel, MD

Reserve your accommodations at the conference hotel using the links as below: Regular Room Rate Single $212 per night + Fees & taxes Double $212/per night + Fees & taxes Reserve Room Here

Limited ‘Per Diem’ Room Rates Single $154/per night + Fees & taxes Double $154/per night + Fees & taxes Reserve Room Here

Large Group Reservations: Please email Stephen Edes (, Assistant Director of Events, Hilton Baltimore or call 1-800-HILTONS for large groups or should you be experiencing any issues with the reservation link.

Hilton Baltimore Address: 401 WEST PRATT STREET, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, 21201, USA

TEL: +1 443 573 8700 FAX: +1 443 683 8841

The Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbour Hotel is here to make the most of your stay by offering the services you need, the amenities you expect, and the extras you deserve. The Baltimore Inner Harbor hotel, near Camden Yards, offers a convenient location, within walking distance to the National Aquarium, M&T Stadium, Baltimore Convention Center and much more.

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