2019 Final Agenda

Date: 04.30.2020 | HITC Editor

Welcome to the 2019 State HIT Connect Summit!

States are coordinating major initiatives including data governance and interoperability, Medicaid modernization, MMIS re-procurement, HIX operations, payment reform, population health, program integrity as well as data privacy, security, and compliance issues at many levels.

At the same time, the shift towards modularity, SaaS and cloud computing are helping to shape IT organizations to be more responsive to the needs of policy and administration leadership. Emerging and potentially disruptive technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are also being piloted in Medicaid which has the potential to yield benefits beyond process automation and interoperability and potentially underpin the next phase of HHS innovation.

The 2019 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit marks the 10th anniversary of the program. The conference has grown and evolved into an important national venue for public and private sector thought leaders to share ideas and benchmark implementation strategies of State Health IT Systems.

The meeting comprises keynotes, keynote panels, collaborative networking roundtables, workshops, focus groups, Connect Exhibition and breakouts assigned to 6 tracks (as below).

TRACK 1 | Medicaid Modernization, Modularity, and MMIS Procurement
TRACK 2 | State Innovation, Data Analytics and Population Health Management (including Opioid Abuse)
TRACK 3 | Enterprise Systems Planning, Health & Human Services Integration
TRACK 4 | Compliance, Security & Combatting Fraud, Waste & Abuse (including 3rd Party Liability)
TRACK 5 | State Marketplace Reform and Managed Care Optimization
TRACK 6 |Emerging Technologies Forum

Cross-cutting agenda themes include Data Quality, IT Service Management (focus on outcomes), Interoperability, Consumer Empowerment, Security and Compliance.

View Final Agenda | 2019 Speakers & Sponsors

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